Melanated Melon is a Veteran driven humanitarian effort committed to supporting families impacted by childhood cancer. Our mission is to offer families holistic support, spread awareness and provide funding for research.


To promote research and improve prognosis/quality of life with special emphasis on rare childhood cancers. To work in tandem with the community to raise awareness through fundraising, volunteering and call to service in order to create a network of partnerships that can assist families through hardships and financial difficulty.

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Operation Green to Gold is a donation page created by Johnathan’s parents Kathryn and Michael Martin, both Veterans, who served over 40 consecutive years combined in the United States Army and fifteen of which Johnathan and his siblings were right by their side. The Army signature color is green which is indicative of the green uniforms worn proudly. The gold represents the current war they have taken on Childhood Cancer and the commitment to honor Johnathan’s legacy through academics, arts, volunteering and community service. The transition from green to gold is the physical transition from Army Soldiers to Cancer Advocates and their call to action to continue the fight to pound out cancer. Operation Green to Gold is a general donation link. Click the donation button below to give today!

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Melanated Melon P.O.Box 1558 Fort Mill SC 29715